About Us

About Us

Flavorful Foresight

Even in the early years, Edmund McIlhenny knew he had something special. The popularity of TABASCO® sauce was quickly spreading across the Gulf Coast, and by the mid 1880’s, the product was making its way around the world.

To support the company’s seismic growth in modern times, Edmund’s great-grandson, Paul McIlhenny, created the first Country Store catalog in 1987. His hope was to provide quick, convenient access to TABASCO® products for hot pepper sauce fans all over the globe — without having to step foot in a grocery store.

Alive and Thriving

Today, that dream lives on. Operating as an extension of McIlhenny Company, the TABASCO Country Store® is both an online hotspot and brick and mortar meet-and-greet for one of the world’s most recognizable brands. In each of our physical locations, you’ll find exclusive TABASCO® pepper sauces, gear and collectibles not available anywhere else.

Tabasco<sup>®</sup> Bottle Apron

The Products You Love

Our number one goal at the TABASCO Country Store® is to connect the fans to the sauce — whether that be through bottles of Classic Red, soft pepper pajamas or a bold piece of kitchenware. From iconic products and cooking supplies to exclusive apparel, tailgating gear and more, our shelves are stocked with an ever-evolving list of goodies that are sure to light up the eyes of any hot sauce fan.

TABASCO Country Store® Products
TABASCO Country Store®

The Places We Call Home

Each TABASCO Country Store® offers its own special twist on products for a unique visitor experience. The first is nestled right next door to the world famous TABASCO® sauce factory on Avery Island. It’s a brand experience like no other — and one you likely won’t forget.

To find our second location, mambo on down to St. Anne Street in New Orleans for a full selection of TABASCO® sauces and souvenirs. If you’re passing through the Big Easy, it’s the perfect place to get a little taste of everything the TABASCO® brand has to offer.

Get Lost in the Sauce

Come see the TABASCO® brand like you’ve never experienced it before — deep in the majestic wilds of South Louisiana.


Take the Tour

This 10-stop tour-de-flavor will take you through the McIlhenny factory, TABASCO Country Store® and museum, serving you everything there is to know about the world’s most famous pepper sauce.

Avery Island

Visit the Source

Hungry for a hot pepper sauce adventure? Get up close and personal with TABASCO® brand on the majestic grounds of Avery Island, Louisiana.

TABASCO® Restaurant 1868

Experience the Flavor

No visit to Avery Island is complete without a little taste of Louisiana heat. After the tour, fill up on unforgettable flavor at the TABASCO® Restaurant 1868.